Elmer’s Storage

Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, Elmer’s Self Storage has self storage solution to fit your needs with unit sizes from 25 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. with easy access 7 days a week.

Not sure how much storage space you will need? View our storage space estimator to calculate your needs. Continue to read about what items may not be stored at Elmer’s Self Storage.

Sizes and Rates

Week Month
Six Months
(5% disc.)
(10% disc.)
5x5 $1.00 $6.25 $25.00 $142.50 $270.00
5x10 $1.40 $8.75 $35.00 $199.50 $378.00
5x15 $1.80 $11.25 $45.00 $256.50 $486.00
 10x10 $2.20 $13.75 $55.00 $313.50 $594.00
10x15 $3.00 $18.75 $75.00 $433.50 $810.00
10x20 $3.80 $23.75 $95.00 $541.50 $1,026.00
10x25 $4.60 $28.75 $115.00 $655.50 $1,242.00
10x30 $5.40 $33.75 $135.00 $769.50 $1,458.00

Rental payments are not refundable.

Rules & Regulations

To make your use of our space a smooth and pleasant experience, we have some rules to live by. If everybody abides, our service will be super, your goods will be stored better, and you’ll be happier using this self-storage center.

1. Your rent is due each month on or before the date stated on your contract. A late charge will be added when the rent is not paid by the end of the indicated grace period.

2. You may move out of your space whenever you want. Please refer to your Occupancy Agreement for the allowed procedures of advance notice to avoid automatically contracting for an additional month’s rent.

3. Sorry, but you may not sore the things we have listed below. Here are the No-No’s: (The right is reserved to inspect all goods upon entry to premises)

  • Anything that is stolen. Premises may not be sued for any unlawful purpose.
  • No explosives, ammunition or dangerous chemicals.
  • No flammables, paint or oily rages.Gas tanks on cars, gas engines, etc. must be draised before storing in covered unites.
  • No improperly packaged spoilable foods.
  • Anything that’s alive and eating.
  • Anything that leaks or makes loud noice.
  • No sleeping will be allowed in unit.
  • No refriderators or freezers are to be connected to service outlets.
  • No type of electric heater or heat lamp is to be used in units without prior permission.
  • No sanding or spray painting to be done within the unit.

4. Please talk with the manager before you plug anything into any available electric outlet. Electric circuits are designed for lights and not much more except with special adaptation.

5. Please turn out the light when you leave your unit; waste not, want not!

6. We are by contract and by law not responsible for any loss or pilferage from your occupied space. We recommend insurance to cover the value of your goods. Our manager can tell you how to insure.

Helpful Hints for Better Self Storage

1. Spray furniture with a good polish. Cover with drop cloths, sheeting, etc., whenever possible.

2. Do not store food items unless sealed in glass or metal containers.

3. Defrost refrigerators and leave door open.

4. Seal boxes with masking tape.

5. It is not advisable to store pianos or art objects.

6. Wrap mattress or box springs with plastic covers, drop cloths or paper. Do not set directly on floor or lean against walls.

7. Use boxes, plastic bags or clothing bags for storing clothes.

8. Keep all items off of floor if possible to let air underneath. Skids or pallets are good for this purpose. Or, place plastic under all cardboard boxes.

9. To retard rusting or exposed metal, use a light coat of oil